Nia White Belt - 'Dancing Through Life' 365 Day Body + Life Guide

Nia White Belt - 'Dancing Through Life' 365 Day Body + Life Guide


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This printed guide is available for purchase to all Nia members and White Belt graduations as a tool and companion to build a daily practice of moving, finding pleasure, and staying connected to your body, mind, emotions and spirit while you integrate and embody the 13 White Belt principles and mindful practices into your daily dance through life.

In these pages you will find questions and prompts to guide your exploration and reflections, along with space to use as your canvas to write, scribble and draw.

Throughout this 365 day journey, you will be invited to spend 28 days (4 weeks) with each White Belt principle.

You will receive a principle focus and intent each month and then spend 7 days dedicated to exploring and integrating the principle into each realm of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Combined with your Dancing Through Life member resources, mentoring calls, and the White Belt EMBODY online portal, the Dancing Through Life Guide gives you everything you need to carry your White Belt knowledge from the dance floor out into your dance through LIFE!