Keeping Our Mother's Stories Alive by Debbie Rosas

Keeping Our Mother's Stories Alive by Debbie Rosas

Debbie Rosas

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(with her mother, Jeanne Bender)

When Debbie Rosas read her mother Jeanne’s memoir she connected to her mother’s love story of a new bride leaving London after WWII. Debbie sat, read, felt and imagined her mother as a young woman of 20. The more she read, the more she understood the greatest gift her mother had taught her, that we all have “The ability to love all things and all people.”

Keeping Our Mothers’ Stories Alive shares Jeanne’s story and is a guide, a tool to explore and capture your mother’s story. Each chapter engages the reader with questions and tips to document their mother’s life. This book is not only for women, but for those who played the role of mother in your life: men, friends, and step, grand and/or foster parents. This book invites the reader to look beyond their own lives, honor another’s and capture their mother’s love, hope and dreams, to influence future generations to grow into their greatness.